Monday, 23 September 2013

Friends are like a patchwork quilt......

I was totally inspired by the recent writings of Miss Vintage Sheet Addict as to how we all interact here in blog world and out there in real world.

I see us all as one big patchwork quilt. All touching each other, all needing each other to make the whole thing work.

Some are worn and battered a little fractured and not in the bloom of youth.

Some are loud and flashy, bright and sparky, the life of the party.

Some are full of love, giving all to those around them.

Some are a bit dotty!

Some a little straight.

Some at first look dull and sober but their fibre is strong.

Some are plain.

Some are pretty.

But together it all looks right and there is strength.

I find inspiration a lot from those I meet along the way, I have been inspired to take up new sports when I was young, inspired to peek out and push my boundaries, inspired to keep going in tough times, inspired to garden more.
Inspired to dress just the way I damn well please, whatever my age, inspired to collect silly things just because they make me smile.

I am not original because I meet so many that belong to my tribe, but it makes me smile to know there are so many like minded people all over the world. That makes me hopeful for our future.

So I just thought I would say again Thank you for your blogs and inspiration, your words, your pictures , your encouragement.

I dont even know who reads this blog, but I know I read others and sometimes leave no trace.........because I am shy...:-) a little.
So again I am going on because yes I am INSPIRED . 

The quilt by the way was a find in my local op shop! Seriously these things NEVER happen to me, but that day, there it was sitting in the window. I was breathless hoping it would not be sold before I got to the counter. I LOVE IT. 
The work, the fabrics, the colour guessed it INSPIRING!!!!!!

This is one of those crazy things that make me smile. To some out there in the world its not much, to me I know the love and care and creativity that went into such a piece as I know ALL you guys understand too.
So to the lovely person who created this patchwork, I treasure your work and will value your creativity.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello World, its Susan speaking,

Boy oh boy, sometimes like a frog in hot water you dont realise the pressure you are under until you are steaming.

You know the theory, put a frog in water and slowly turn the heat up, he/she doesnt notice the heat until its nearly too late. 
Life can be like that A LOT.

I wont bore you with the details, as we are all in this hot water called life, feeling various degrees of heat, but some spots get hotter than others at different times.

I have come through the slump and like any change, its painful but enriching. I have sorted and dumped those things that no longer serve me well and kept and nutured those that uplift and enhance my life.

And as we crafters know, CREATIVITY is key!

I recently put all my energy into creating a quilt for my sons girlfriend. This beautiful soul has enriched my sons life and recently has proven again she has depths and substance in her love for my boy.
My son has many health issues, some life threatening, at his most vulnerable this girl/woman has been a support not only to him but me.

My family are not close and I have struggled in caring for my son with only my husband for help. Since this beautiful girl has entered our lives my burden has eased, she has become a member of our team and I appreciate so much the happiness she brings.

I had a layer cake of MoMO fabric and when I found a pattern for a hexagon quilt that could be machined and used a layer cake. Well it was a done thing.

I found some fabric also by MoMO for the border, it was from a different design story but the colours still worked. I wanted something bold.
Somehow this did not look right, it was lacking something.
I tried an inner border, to frame the hexagons and I think it looked better.

Thats the top done, the rest should be a breeze she said to herself.

 I had all these offcuts from the cutting of the hexagons, in the original pattern they were used in the border. I didnt go that path, but still wanted to use some scraps up.

Pretty bunting? 

 A pieced back....for my sins. :-)

 A closeup of the quilting.
Now be kind (as I know you all are), this is my FIRST attempt at  machine quilting, there were many wibbles and wobbles. But I had a blast, in fact I was seriously happy with my efforts.

In fact I liked the back as much as the front.

I off centered the starting point, as I felt this would take it to an arty edge. (not taking myself seriously here at all folks).

It is a trick I learned in photography, to make the picture just a little more pleasing to the eye, you position things of interest not in the middle but in the third...if you get my meaning.

And this was how many ends I had to sew in. Each circle had the start and end thread to hide.

I even enjoyed that task.....because I was making this for love.

Mind you, then I saw a quilt on Crazy Mom quilts and that sensible Amanda had done SPIRAL quilting.  Same effect, less end work.

Oh well, I did say it was my first attempt, we live and we learn.

I just want to say again how reading and seeing other quilts on this blog network has been so enlightening for me. I have looked and studied the techniques so generously shown and it has pushed me to create more.
This is a good thing in my life.